The current generation BMW X5 will get replaced next year, confirming reports that it will indeed have a shorter production span than usual. The new G05 model will come bearing important upgrades and we’re excited to see how it will stack up against the outgoing version. The 2019 BMW X5 was just spotted on the Nurburgring, yet once again, doing some high-speed testing.

The production of the F15 X5 is scheduled to end in BMW’s Spartanburg plant in July 2018 with the new model slotted to being production shortly after. Built atop the CLAR architecture, the G05 X5 is going to shed some serious weight, the main reason why this revamp is in the works in the first place. A mix of magnesium, aluminum and even CFRP will be infused into its body and chassis, and they should prove providential in changing the way the car handles. Of course, it will impact the fuel consumption, in a positive way as well.

As far as the design goes, sources inside Munich claim that changes will be closer to a facelift rather than a full revamp. Slight modifications will be done, but overall, the design lines will remain the same. Inside the cabin the same recipe will apply, but with more tech than ever. Things like driving assistants and gesture control will definitely show up, as well as more assistance systems than in the outgoing model. The iDrive infotainment system will be upgraded as well, to closely mimic the one found in the new G30 5 Series.

The model range will remain mostly the same. The sDrive35i and its all-wheel brother, the xDrive35i becoming 40i versions as they will get the new B58 3-liter straight six engine with its 320 HP. The same name change will be true for diesel versions as well. Of course, the xDrive40e plug-in hybrid will continue to be offered as will the V8 option in the guise of the xDrive50i.

With production set to kick off in August 2018, the first customers will get their new G05 X5 models by the end of next year.