Profit is the name of the game in the auto industry these days and, like it or not, all manufacturers are going to have to deal with issues related to their models’ profit margins. That, unfortunately, means that cars that aren’t in high demand will be axed, no matter how pretty they may be. It’s the case for some of MINI’s more recent concepts too, like the MINI Superleggera and MINI Rocketman.

A new report coming in from Top Gear claims that a final decision has been made in Oxford, dropping the two aforementioned concepts once and for all. Talk about them actually making it into production in one guise or another has been going around ever since they were unveiled.

According to the British magazine, a source close to the company said the margins just aren’t there, in regards to both the two-seat Superleggera or the small city-car Rocketman. Both concepts would have to been priced low by the British brand not only to rake in profits but also to make up for the research and development spending needed to bring them to life.

The Superleggera was unveiled initially as a design study and featured an electric motor underneath the sheet metal, to get it moving. Due to its EV character, a lot of people hoped that it could become reality. After all, it was truly probably the most beautiful concept MINI ever unveiled, with Italian flair and British style mixed in together.

MINI Rocketman sketch

The Rocketman was created by MINI in a daring attempt to try and figure out how a modern-day version of the original classic Mini would shape up. Small and extremely lively, it was the perfect embodiment of what people would need to get around town easily. However, it would appear the 3-door Hatch we have today represents the absolute minimum in terms of size the winged brand is willing to go.