MINI Rocketman

MINI hopes to grow sales without hurting brand’s image

Automotive News has recently interviewed Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW Group’s board member for MINI, who talked about the brand’s future. Despite a record sales year in 2015, MINI is implementing a more focused strategy which will…

MINI Rocketman Electric Vehicle Could Enter Production

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MINI and Toyota working on a new car?

This new MINI, rumored to be called the Minor, will be priced around $15,000 and should be the most premium vehicle in that price range

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Rumor: MINI Rocketman is back on the agenda

AutoExpress reports that the MINI Rocketman is back on the agenda at the British automaker. Considered to be a MINI city car, the Rocketman would take on rivals like the Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ….

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MINI Rocketman Concept London Edition

This summer the best athletes from some 200 countries will gather in London, England for the London 2012 Games – the biggest sporting spectacle on the planet. A total of 302 medals for the Olympic Games…

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Rumor: MINI Kills Rocketman

UK magazine CAR reports that last year’s Geneva premiere, the Mini Rocketman, has not been greenlighted for production. Same report says that BMW has recently signed off on a few new MINIs, but the Rocketman…

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MINI aims to add new 3 models by 2020

In an interview for Automotive News, Dr. Kay Segler, Head of MINI, says the company will add three models by the end of the decade. Segler refrained from offering specific details on the three models,…

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2011 Geneva: World Premiere – MINI Rocketman

The latest concept from MINI, Rocketman, makes its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The urban-oriented vehicle builds atop the idea of the upcoming Megacity vehicle. The study car brings back the exterior…