The current-generation BMW M3 is quite possibly the most loathed BMW M model in some time. Not that it’s bad, it’s just so far from the original, in terms of scope, that many fans resent it. However, before the current F82 M3 came along, the least loved M3 was probably the E36-generation. It was the first M3 to have to follow up the brilliant and iconic E30 M3 and it never really did. It was bigger than its predecessor, heavier and less nimble. North American BMW fans are especially sour on the E36 M3, as we got a hamstrung version here, with significantly less power than the Euro model. However, this specific E36 M3 could just be the perfect car to remind you of what BMW M used to be about.

This 1995 BMW M3 GT is a very special car. BMW only made 356 examples and they were only sold in Europe, making the E36 M3 GT very rare. It was also designed as a homologation car so BMW could do a bit of racing, so it’s a proper driver’s car. For GT duty, the E36 M3 got some stripped down materials to make it lighter, some added aerodynamics and a touch of extra power. From the outside, the GT is really most distinguishable from the different front splitter but, other than that, it looks about the same as a standard E36 M3. The inside is considerably different, though, with new seats that look superb, carbon fiber trim and some cool “BMW Motorsport International” badges.

Under the hood, a new oil pump, new cams and a different ECU tune gave it just a bit more power but made it rev better and work better on the track. The E36 M3 GT made about 295 hp, which is only a few more than the standard pre-facelife E36 M3 (282 hp). After 1996, the E36 M3 was bumped to 321 hp but before that happened, the GT was where it was at.

This specific car looks to be in superb shape and is entirely original. It was driven a decent amount, as it has around 59,000 miles on it, but that’s nothing on such an old car. You also want a classic that’s been driven, as it allows you do drive it as well, guilt free. Instead of worrying about every little pebble on the road, having a car with a few miles on it allows you to drive without worry. However, this car is still in superb condition and seems to have all of its original parts. It’s not cheap, mind you, at $75,000, but it could be worth it to someone who wants something extremely rare and very special.

What makes this car so great, though, is the fact that it looks and feels special while also having the same great handling we miss from BMW M cars. Sure, the E36 M3 was underappreciated in its day, as it had to follow up possibly the best opening act for any model of car ever, but its charms can be greatly appreciated with the benefit of hindsight. If you want to add and expensive and rare BMW to your collection and want something old-school, this 1995 BMW E36 M3 GT could be the classic you could get and drive everyday, reminding you of what BMW used to build.

[Source: Classic Driver]