BMW unveils the facelifted M2 Coupe

BMW M2 | May 11th, 2017 by 7
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Along with the launch of the BMW 2 Series Life Cycle Impulse, BMW also also unveils the facelifted version of the popular M2 Coupe. With its …

Along with the launch of the BMW 2 Series Life Cycle Impulse, BMW also also unveils the facelifted version of the popular M2 Coupe. With its new facelift, the M2 gets a suite of exterior and interior upgrades to keep it fresh throughout the rest of its lifecycle. While quite subtle, they make the M2 stand out even more.

At the front, new, full LED headlights offer a new hexagonal interpretation of BMW’s signature twin-circle design. Out back, the 2 Series gets single-piece full LED taillights with BMW’s classic “L” shape.

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Inside is where most of the changes are. The dashboard has been redesigned, with the air vents, control unit and audio system being all flush to the surface now. Next in the LCI process was the gauge cluster which judging by the official images, seems to be digital with beautiful white on black lettering.

The high-resolution 8.8-inch central display in the new 2017 BMW M2 now comes in touchscreen form, an upgrade given to all recent BMWs.

No power upgrades were planned for M2, so we don’t expect to see a bump in horsepower until the M2 CS comes to market.

7 responses to “BMW unveils the facelifted M2 Coupe”

  1. Kokoaz says:

    I think thay standart m2 should weights about 100 kg less.

  2. Carbene says:

    Do we know which engine is under the hood for this FL? The old N55 or the new B58?

    • Nazar says:

      I think its still going to be the N55 and if they did make that switch don’t you think they would announce it months ahead like they did with the M2 CS.

    • Alexander S says:

      No new enigines for LCI M models is about 15 or more years already.

  3. bmw driver says:

    Outside changes are a bit meh, I don’t like the new half hegagonal coronas on any new BMW, I think they should be round. Interior is a step up, but looking at it, I would miss the lovely analog dials and ‘dry’ carbon fibre inserts I have in my car now. Good to see the extremely cheap piece of plastic surrounding the silver shifter boot trim, the immediate surface of the central tunnel, has not changed…

    Also the e92 M3 received a silent power upgrade in LCI trim, so it’s possible, but unlikely given how close the M2 is to its big brother, that the M2 LCI might have had a power bump. Get one while you can because there are still no RWD 2 series test mules.

  4. Senne says:

    I’m impressed that they decided to completely redesign the interior! It’s something I doubt they’ve done before for an LCI. However, it’s a very welcome update. :) Now the M2 is even better!

  5. Jackson says:

    shame if it still has those same Dakota leather seats, it needs something a bit more special in my opinion

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