If you’ve seen DoctaM3’s YouTube channel before, you’d know that he typically does a lot of supercars and sports cars. However, in this latest review, he drives the BMW i3 REx around to find out the purpose of it. Though, his i3 is actually still the old 60 Ah car, not the newer 94 Ah.

The BMW i3 is a pretty controversial car, one that seems to be either loved or hated. Part of the reason for that is the fact that many BMW fans hate any car wearing a roundel that isn’t a full on sports car. So there’s a large portion of the BMW fanbase that finds the i3 to be an anti-BMW, a car that pulls the brand further away from its roots. Then there are EV fans, fans who love their electric cars, and these people seem to hate on the i3 for its lack of range when compared to many of its competitors. However, according to DoctaM3, once you learn the BMW i3 and understand its purpose, only then can you appreciate it.

He drives the i3 around for quite some time, running us through the basics of the car, what it’s like to drive and how it feels. While we understand the i3 by now, being that it’s been out since 2014 and has been reviewed quite a bit since then, it’s always interesting to here a new perspective on it. He notes that it’s one of the quietest cars he’s ever driven and that when driving it, you can barely hear the gasoline-powered range-extender in the trunk, if at all. This is something I can personally attest to, as my recent experience with the car proved the REx to be near silent while running, so long as you’re moving. Once you stop, park it and turn any music off, you can sort of hear its rumble. But only then.

The good doctor also notes that the i3 has the best sightlines of any car he’s driven and this is something many people notice when it the little electric Bimmer. Thanks to its carbon fiber passenger cell, the i3 doesn’t need thick pillars and can do with a lot of glass. So the inside has this wonderful greenhouse that lets in a ton of natural light and lacks almost any blindspot. It really makes city driving a lot easier. Plus, the driving position is actually sort of high, so it gives the driver a fantastic view of the road.

He also talks regen-braking, the way it drives and goes through a lot of the interesting features of the i3. Overall, he claims he finally gets it and understands the purpose of the i3. Once you can do that, it’s likely that you’ll appreciate it as well.