A little while back, we showed you a video from Carwow that featured a rolling drag race between the BMW 520d and Mercedes-Benz E220d. A rolling drag race is more important than a standing drag race for these two cars, because it more closely mimics how drivers of these cars will accelerate on the road. In the video, the Mercedes won by a pretty surprising margin. Now, though, Carwow has released the full video review of these two cars.

In the new video, we get to see how luxurious each car is, how spacious, how practical and how good overall. That helps determine which is the best car to buy. First up is the E-Class.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a very handsome, luxurious and comfortable car. It’s the go-to executive sedan for buyers who want something expensive, comfortable and smooth but aren’t really too concerned with driving dynamics. While the Mercedes E220d isn’t bad to drive by any means, it just rolls a bit in corners and dynamics compared to its rivals from BMW and Jaguar.

Inside the Merc, the design is pretty, the technology is good and space is also impressive. However, there are some bits of plastic and some trim pieces that lack in quality, which is somewhat disappointing in a Mercedes-Benz. Its COMAND infotainment system also lacks some functionality and user-friendliness to BMW’s iDrive and even Audi’s MMI, in our opinion.

As for the Bimmer, its styling isn’t as attractive to some but it’s handsome enough and looks good in M Sport trim. I’m personally a fan of the way the new 5 Series M Sport looks, but I’m admittedly in the minority. However, its interior is almost faultless. The design isn’t as blingy or exciting as in the E-Class but it’s understated and classy with the best cabin quality in the class, as there isn’t a rough plastic or cheap feeling material anywhere. It also has more head and legroom in the back seat than the Benz, although three adults fit better in the Merc. The Bimmer’s trunk also lacks a bit of size compared to its three-pointed rival.

In terms of actually driving it, though, the 5 Series surpasses the E-Class. Not only is the BMW 520d on optional adaptive M Sport suspension as comfortable as the E220d and its optional air suspension, but it’s more dynamic and more exciting to drive. The steering is sharper, its body roll is far better controlled and it’s just the sportier car, without sacrificing much, if anything at all, in the comfort department.

Overall, Watson admits that this a very close test. Both cars are superb and anyone would be happy to own either. However, he claims that the BMW 520d is the better overall car as it does more. It’s comfortable, spacious and dynamic, whereas the Mercedes-Benz E220d is just the former two.

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