We’re only a couple of months away from BMW unveiling the upcoming third-generation X3 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle). It’s said that the next-gen BMW X3 will be unveiled in June, just in time for Summer. In the meantime, there’s been much speculation as to what the upcoming X3 might be and we’ve even seen quite a few spy shots of it driving around. Fortunately for us, some more spy shots have emerged and we bring them to you today. Obviously.

While the X3 in thee photos is pretty covered up, as it wears quite extensive amounts of camouflage, there are still quite a few details we can work out. Firstly, it looks far more aggressive and sportier than the car it replaces. The nose seems to dip toward the ground and the hood has muscular creases in it that give off an angrier impression. The signature Kidney Grilles are also massive and the headlight are more modern. It also seems to still have that traditional upward moving Hofmeister Kink that all X3s have had in the past.

A few of the X3s spotted in these photos also seem to have big air intakes in the front bumper and blue M Sport brake calipers. So it’s possible that we’re looking at the upcoming BMW X3 M40i, which would use the same engine as the X4 M40i — the 3.0 liter turbocharged N55 I6 engine, making 360 hp. Although, it could just be an X3 xDrive30i and have an M Sport package on it.

We will see the upcoming BMW X3 debut in June and it will hit dealerships soon after that, sometime in October. So we won’t have to wait long to see what BMW has in store for its latest SAV. We are excited about the prospect of a more dynamic X3, though. The previous-generation was a bit soft compared to its predecessor, which was a bit too stiff and sports car-like. Hopefully BMW learned how to tow that line between sporty SAV and comfortable crossover better this time around.

[Source: Motor.es]