Iconic road trips are what gearheads live for. The idea of just you, your car of choice, a far away destination and as much time as you need to get there is something majestic in the eyes of a car enthusiast. However, even for us gearheads, 2000 miles is rough. Apparently, though, it isn’t so rough in the new BMW 5 Series.

In a recent article from Autocar, Matt Prior takes a new G30-generation BMW 530d xDrive 2000 miles from the southernmost point in Spain, through Andorra and France, all the way up to Britain. That’s a long distance to do by car and could be properly mind-numbing in something less entertaining than the new 5er. However, BMW’s new 5 Series makes easy work of the long stretches of road, as well as being smile-inducing during the twisty bits.

Prior explains the shortcomings of BMW’s autonomous driving aids but claims them to still be useful and stress relieving over long distances, keeping him more fresh for the more exciting parts of the road. He also explains that the effortless torque and quiet power delivery if the 3.0 liter I6 diesel engine works great for just cruising along in 8th gear while also providing enough grunt to be entertaining during spirited driving.

It’s a good read so I won’t spoil it all for you, as it’s worth heading over to Autocar and checking it out. However, I can tell you that Prior seemed impressed by BMW’s latest 5 Series. While he claims it’s not quite as comfortable as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (at least on 20″ wheels and M Sport suspension) and isn’t quite as sharp as a Jaguar XF, it’s a damn good all-rounder. Prior finishes the article by saying “With that kind of drive ahead of you, you want a world -class car in which to do it, one that is comfortable, fast, economical, connected and willing to help you out. The new 5 Series, no question, is precisely that kind of car.”

I’m not sure there’s higher praise than that, especially after a 2000-mile trip.

[Source: Autocar]