When BMW debuted the M4 GTS, it became the fastest and most hardcore road-going BMW ever. Its 493 hp, from its 3.o liter turbocharged and water-injected I6 engine, allows it to get from 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. However, BMW also makes another incredibly fast and impressive machine, except this one only has two wheels — the BMW S1000RR.

After having driven the M4 GTS, the host of Motoring Australia finds it to be a bit of a handful. Though, the fact that it’s relatively difficult to drive actually makes it quite rewarding. Still, it can bite you if you aren’t careful and demands to be driven with respect. That doesn’t mean you can’t hoon it or slide it around, it just means that you need to do so carefully.

One might think that the BMW S1000RR would be even more treacherous, thanks to it being a motorcycle and the M4 GTS being a car with a roll cage. However, it actually turns out the it’s even easier to drive quickly, thanks to its incredible balance, forgiving ride and advanced traction control systems. Plus, it’s ridiculously fast.

In a drag race, the BMW M4 GTS gets annihilated by the S1000RR, which simply walks away from the GTS as if it were standing still. That’s crazy impressive, as the M4 GTS is not a slow car by any means. But it looks like a Prius compared to the S1000RR.

On a circuit, the M4 GTS is the more rewarding of the two to drive, albeit slower, because you need to work harder for it. However, in terms of pure speed and performance, there’s no denying the S1000RR’s dominance. But there’s one other wrinkle in the M4 GTS’ proposition and it’s that it’s damn near impossible to buy.

The BMW M4 GTS costs about ten times what the S1000RR costs and isn’t even available anymore, as all units are sold out. So, if it comes down to picking which one you’d rather have in your garage as a weekend toy or track killer, the S1000RR makes the most sense. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, of course.