For some, an understated finish is the best choice for their new high-performance coupe. On the other hand, a lot of owners love to be loud about their cars, thus they tend to select rather amazing color options. So it comes as no surprise that many M4s are painted in the Austin Yellow finish. The flashy and catchy yellow will give them plenty of prying eyes, create an impressive aura for their vehicle and also, giving the M4 quite a striking exterior look.

This particular BMW M4 comes with a set of recently introduced Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Flow Forged wheels. These wheels are one of the recently introduced additions to the Vorsteiner Flow Forged lineup, offering owners of vehicles like the M4 additional choices in the wheel department.

The Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheels use the latest tech in lightweight Flow Forged alloy. In turn, the wheels deliver high quality and performance with an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

For this Austin Yellow BMW M4, the wheels come in sizes of 20×8.5 and 20×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. The Carbon Graphite finish adorns the lightweight product, giving the striking contrasting look for this vehicle. The wheels were installed by European Auto Source. Check out the complete photoshoot of this build right below.