Mercedes-Benz took an early lead in the sales of premium vehicles in the US. Last month, the Stuttgart-based automaker sold 25,527 cars and light trucks, a significant 3.5 per cent increase over January 2016. BMW sold 18,109 vehicles, Lexus reported 15,572 units sold while Audi came in fourth with 13,201 units.

Mercedes says that sales of the C-Class soared by 27 percent last month and that sales of the E-Class rose by 49 percent.

BMW experienced a small 0.1 percent increase, for a total of 18,109 units. Notable vehicle sales in January include the BMW X1 which increased 21.4 percent, the BMW X3 which increased 57.5 percent, and the BMW X5 which increased 26.8 percent.

Audi continues to close the gap against the “big three” atop the U.S. luxury market. The brand reported an 11 percent sales gain to 13,201 vehicles, powered by more than 30 percent increases for the A4 car models and Q5 and Q3 crossovers.

Lexus’ sales dropped 26 percent to 15,572.

[Source: Bloomberg]