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BMW X1, News | January 27th, 2017 by 14
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BMW’s second-generation X1 takes a lot of heat from many car enthusiasts for switching to front-wheel drive, especially in America where it’s the first front-drive …

BMW’s second-generation X1 takes a lot of heat from many car enthusiasts for switching to front-wheel drive, especially in America where it’s the first front-drive Bimmer ever. This is exacerbated by the fact that the first-gen BMW X1 was rear-wheel drive-based and an absolute blast to drive. However, BMW needed to add some more space, more practicality and more everyday usability to its smallest SUV, so the second-gen swapped drive-axles.

When equipped with xDrive all-wheel drive, though, the new X1 is still a fantastic car and we’re big fans here. I remember the first time I drove the new X1 and hopped behind the wheel with extreme skepticism. Boy, was I wrong. It genuinely handles well and has excellent steering feel. It might actually have better steering feel than the 3 Series. It’s without a doubt the best small premium crossover in the segment and Mat Watson from Carwow seems to agree.

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In this latest video review, Watson starts off by going over just how practical it is. With a massive trunk and opening, larger than most of its competitors, you can fit a ton of luggage and cargo inside. It has a ton of places to hook and tether things to, it has a large under-floor storage space in the trunk and easy fold-down rear seats. For practicality purposes, it crushes the previous generation and most of its current competition. It also has a great back seat, with loads of knee room and enough space to fit three adults side-by-side in relative comfort.

But the biggest improvement on the interior has to be the quality. While the first-gen X1 was nice inside, this new car just feels leaps and bounds better. All of the materials feel premium and the design is modern and practical. It also looks great from the inside and there are about one million bins and cubby spaces to put stuff.

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In terms of driving dynamics, there isn’t another premium crossover than can hang with the X1. It might be front-wheel drive-based, but the little X1 is a fun and tossable thing. You can actually feel the road, through both the steering wheel and the seat of your pants. While the Land Rover Disco Sport is a great SUV, it’s more of a truck and less fun to drive. The Mercedes GLC-Class is also very good but far more luxury oriented and too soft. The X1 blends comfort and fun in a cohesive and practical package that’s near impossible to beat.

The only real issues with the X1 were the coarseness of the 2.0 liter turbo-diesel engine and the price. But if you forgo the bigger engine — which is doesn’t need anyway — for a smaller one and take it easy on the options list, you get a car that has everything any buyer in the segment could ask for.

That’s why Watson recommends that, if you’re in the market for such a car, go and buy the BMW X1 right now because it’s the best car in the segment.

14 responses to “VIDEO: Carwow reviews the BMW X1 xDrive25d”

  1. darex says:

    Really want to see a detailed head-to-head with the F60 Countryman now. Should be really informative!

    • guest says:

      Physically, don’t see any similarities, the X1 looks completely Bavarian. I wonder what brand purists think of the Isetta or 700?

    • herrdoktorprofessor says:

      the interior passenger specs look identical. X1 will have more space in the hatch. I wish the mini had 15-20 more hp. but then I guess it would really canibalize X1 sales

      • darex says:

        The MINI will also be lighter, but I expect the driving experience to be extremely similar, but we shall see. Of course the bodies look quite different, but under the skin, and comparing interior details, they are extremely similar, functionally. Actually, the MINI might end up with the more advanced iDrive system, unless the X1 brings theirs up-to-date soon.

      • guest says:

        Interior designs entirely dissimilar.

  2. Arunabh says:

    really likeable interiors and good chunky styling especially at the rear.

    BMW might be taking flak for switching to FWD for this model, but i stand with them for making the apt decision. For a vehicle with such small footprint, it was the only way to extract as much space as possible.

    Plus, it still feels a BMW in its drive so there are no (apparent) losses in actual.

    It is one of the very few highlights for BMW in this decade. (According to me)

  3. Alexander S says:

    Really very good car. Huge improvement over previous model. Best in its class no doubt. But headlights…why BMW always makes full led much later than Merc or Audi??? 21st century outside…

    • herrdoktorprofessor says:

      Even worse it goes backwards. My 2011 335d has LED taillights and signal lights. but then the 2012 f30s had neither. Cheap bastards.

  4. Giom says:

    I hope they can build on this for the next X3. I so want to love the X3 also.

  5. herrdoktorprofessor says:

    To me the major issue is the starts. the standards seats are horrible. flat and hard as a concrete slab. I haven’t tried the sport seats yet. If those aren’t any better then this might be a deal breaker for me.

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