Finding the right wheels for the BMW M4 GTS is a challenging task. Many customers vary between ordering the standard aluminum wheel style 666 with eye-catching accents in Acid Orange and the extremely expensive, but also particularly light, carbo wheels.

Another alternative for BMW M4 GTS riders looking for even more individuality are various custom wheels, therefore Vorsteiner throws a corresponding proposal into the ring. Recent photos show a BMW M4 GTS with 19-inch VFF 106 wheels in carbon graphite, which makes the post-stiff mid-range sports car from Garching a bit more gloomy.

Vorsteiner BMW M4 GTS Tuning Felgen V FF 106 02 750x500

The high-performance tires from Michelin – Pilot Super Sport – ensure optimum traction at the track limit and make a decisive contribution to the remarkable performance of the BMW M4 GTS. With a Nürburgring round time of 7:28 minutes, the top M4 is not only the fastest BMW series ever on the Green Hell , but it also plays in a league with some of the best supersporters of our time.

Vorsteiner BMW M4 GTS Tuning Felgen V FF 106 25 750x500

It is also not hurt by the fact that the cylinders under the hood have a water injection system in addition to the usual twin turbocharging on the S55. The 500 horsepower is the result, which gives the rear derailleur, especially on long straights, one tenth of a second and thus makes an important contribution to the strong overall performance.