Hailing from Netherlands is a BMW 7 Series painted in one of the most unique colors we’ve seen on the high-end limousine. At a first glance, this seems to be the Atlantis Blue color which has been previously featured on the E92 M3.

The color once again proves that with enough money, any customer can pick and choose any color from the vast BMW Individual catalog, and interesting enough, the turquoise blue matches the luxurious look of the 7 Series.


BMW believes that its customers deserve the opportunity to own something more exclusive than their neighbor’s run-of-the-mill 5 Series, so it developed this Individual program to give those customers that extra level of exclusivity that they want.


BMW’s Individual program allows customers to pick from different exterior and interior colors than the usual selections. This allows your BMW to be slightly unique in comparison to every other Bimmer you see on the streets.

[Source: Auto Forum and Auto Junk]