It’s officially 2017 and the future looks bright for BMW. Last year was a good year for the Bavarians, with new releases — such as the BMW M2 and M4 GTS — making their debuts and some impressive cars and technologies being unveiled for the future. However, this new year seems like it could be even better.

There will be several new launches for BMW this year that most BMW enthusiasts should be excited about. Most of which stem from the brand-new G30-generation BMW 5 Series. While we’ve already seen the worldwide debut of the new 5 Series, it hasn’t actually gone on sale anywhere yet. It will do so this year and we’ll see just how helpful the new 5er is for BMW.

However, there will be a few new variants of the 5 Series debuting this year as well. The BMW 5 Series Touring will be debuted in 2017 and it will bring possibly the best looking wagon to the segment. The previous-gen F10 5 Series Touring was a great looking car and this new G30-gen should be even better. While it does have some impressive competition these days, like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate and Jaguar XF Estate, it will still be one of the better wagons on sale.

BMW F90 M5 Spy Photo

We’ll also see the introduction of the G38 5 Series, which will be a long-wheelbase model. This will likely only be sold in China, as long-wheelbase cars have the largest market there. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be important because it will be the foundation of the upcoming G32 6 Series GT. The new 6er GT should be more grand-touring oriented than the old 5 Series GT, with sportier looks and sportier handling.

But the biggest debut springing from the 5 Series is the upcoming F90 BMW M5. We’re all excited for the next-gen M5 for several reasons. Not only will it be the sixth-generation M5 but it will also be the first M5 offered with all-wheel drive. It will also be the fastest M5 ever made and possibly the fastest M car ever made when it debuts.

There are quite a few other BMW models to look forward to in 2017, as well. Two new SUVs will make their debuts, the BMW X2 and the third-gen X3. The former will be a sporty UKL-architecture-based crossover to compete with the Audi Q2 and Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. It will be sort of what the X4 is to the X3, but only to the X1. Then there will be the X3 which, in its third generation, will get updated looks, technology and engines. The X3 is one of BMW’s best-selling vehicles, so this new iteration will be very important to BMW.


We will also see the new 4 Series LCI facelift, which will make some changes tot he 4 Series Coupe, Gran Coupe and M4. While the 4er is one of BMW’s best looking cars, some of its details are starting to look a bit dated. So new headlights, taillights and some interior bits, as well as the new iDrive 6.0 system, will freshen it up a bit.

On top of that, we could also see the debuts of the upcoming BMW i8 Spyder, which will be one of BMW’s most exciting cars in its lineup, and the BMW M2 CS, which could be the best-driving BMWs since the E46 M3 CSL. We’re also hoping to see the debut of the upcoming BMW Z4, developed in-joint with Toyota.

So 2017 should be a very exciting year for the Bavarians. We’ll see quite a lot of new debuts, some updates and some entirely new models. Get excited.

[Source: Bimmertoday]