The automotive industry is currently witnessing a paradigm shift towards autonomous driving. We are not only seeing carmakers, but technological giants like Apple and Google enter the race to come up with the first mass-volume, fully-autonomous car.

While BMW is still some light years away from launching a Level 4 automated vehicle, the sixth-generation 7 Series indicated the German automaker’s intent to show up to likes of Tesla and Mercedes-Benz.

The new 5 Series has followed the footsteps of its elder sibling and here are five things we’d like to point out about its driver aids.


Not Just Remote Parking

Apart from the updated version of the 7 Series Remote Parking feature and the ParkNow service, the G30 gets, what BMW calls, the On-Street Parking Information (OSPI). Currently available only for some select states in Germany and United States, OSPI will provide G30 owners with real-time data about available parking spots in the vicinity.



With the driver aids in the G30, you take your hands off the steering and the car will automatically accelerate, brake to a standstill and get back in motion and switch lanes. It will also help you maneuver out of danger in case of a possible collision and the Lane Departure Warning system has been updated for better safety. The computer trickery also informs you about the speed-limits in the area and warns you if you are driving on the wrong way.

The System is More Developed than the 7 Series’

Yup, the semi-autonomous features mentioned in two sections above have been directly picked up from the 7 Series but the system in the 5 Series is “18 months ahead” in terms of the development compared, so there are fewer bugs and it’s more confident-inspiring.


Adaptive Driving Mode

Like the 7 Series, the 5er gets an Adaptive driving mode that continually tunes the steering, gearbox, throttle response and the suspension to suit your style and the driving conditions. Additionally, if picked in conjunction with the optional Professional Navigation set-up, the Adaptive mode will analyze the data of the route ahead and proactively prepare the chassis for the upcoming bends, intersections and turns.

 Car to Car Connection

The G30 can share weather and traffic hazards with other BMWs. Although BMW has revealed very little about this feature, it lays the foundation for more sophisticated car-to-car communication in the future.

Bonus: Autonomous Car is coming in 2021

By 2021, BMW is confident of launching its first fully-automated car. There’s already a separate division working on the project in Bavaria.