For the first time ever, BMW is going to offer a proper M variant for its X3 SUV with its upcoming generation. While we don’t know exactly what the BMW X3 M will actually pack, we can speculate and make some pretty accurate guesses. This new spy video of the X3 M testing on the Nurburgring can help us with some clues.

Despite wearing heavy camouflage, we can tell this upcoming X3 M will be far more aggressive looking than the standard car, despite not knowing what the standard car will actually look like yet. But we can see that it has much larger air intakes in the front bumper, a la the BMW M2. It’s also sporting quad exhaust pipes, as proper M cars do, and it seems to sit pretty low for an SUV. Careful-eyed viewers will also spot the BMW M4 Competition Package wheels on the front. We don’t know if those wheels are just there for testing purposes or if BMW will offer a Comp Pack on the X3 M.


On the ‘Ring, this BMW X3 M seems to actually be pretty quick. It carries decent speed through corners for a tall SUV, with seemingly very little body roll. It really hangs on, which is impressive for an SUV.

While we don’t have any official info on which engine will power the X3 M, the engine in this car sounds a bit like a turbo straight-six. It has that tinny, metallic growl of a BMW I6. Which makes sense, considering the M2 and X4 M40i pack the same N55 turbo-six. While we don’t know for sure that’s the engine it will carry, that would be my bed. It’s also possible it could get the S55 engine from the BMW M3/M4, but that might be a bit overkill in the X3 M.

Check out this new spy video and tell us what you think.