It’s Friday so let’s do something juvenile. Instead of give you serious BMW news, we’re going to share with you a video from Car Throttle that will either make you smile or make you furious. Which emotion depends entirely on whether or not you have a child-like sense of humor (like us) or if you’re more…prickly. In this recent video from Car Throttle, they head out to the Nevada desert in ‘Merica to visit Sin City BMW, a shop that has built an amazing Frankenstein BMW 2002.

That 2002 is basically just a 2002 in its body. The rest of the chassis, suspension, engine and drivetrain are from an E30 BMW 325ix, the original all-wheel drive 3 Series and the best. That means that it’s essentially a six-cylinder, all-wheel drive BMW 2002 and that’s amazing. It hasn’t been lifted at all, it’s just that the fenders of the 2002 have been removed and so has the front bumper, so it gives off the look of being lifted despite being on stock 325ix suspension. It also has skid plates for, ya know, skids.

But the best part of the BMW “X2”, as they call it, is that is has a roof-mounted rack and a snorkel (inexplicably, as there’s basically no water in Nevada to speak of). That roof-mounted rack will, in the case of this video, house an aircraft-sourced machine gun. And with that machine gun, they will shoot at an explosives-laden BMW E32-generation 7 Series. Fun.


The E32 7er was just a worn down parts car, so it’s not as if they destroyed a good car. It was beat and didn’t have any important parts left to it. They basically destroyed an E32 7 Series shell so don’t get your pants all in a bunch.

They drive out to the middle of the desert, to a “top secret military base”, and Alex from Car Throttle gets to drive the X2 through the desert and seems to have a blast. When they finally arrive to the shooting range, the 7 Series is set up, as is the roof-mounted gun. They hook the gun up to an electronic trigger and set up a night-vision laser sight which seems a bit useless.

Once they start firing, they have a bit of difficulty actually hitting the 7 Series. I’d imagine it isn’t ideal to fire a gun from the roof of a car while controlling it electronically from the cabin. When they finally hit the explosives, as the sun started to set, it explodes in glorious fashion.

We’re glad Alex and the rest of the Car Throttle staff got to enjoy the charms of Las Vegas. Though, for any Europeans watching, all Americans don’t shoot stuff or blow stuff up in the middle of the desert. We do it in our back yards, we can’t all use the desert.