Mercedes-Benz still ahead in the U.S. luxury race

News | December 2nd, 2016 by 64
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Mercedes-Benz sold the most premium vehicles in the United States in November, virtually ensuring its second consecutive win in the U.S. luxury race. Sales of the Mercedes GLC sport utility vehicle more than tripled while C-Class car deliveries held steady, giving the brand a 1.1 percent increase for the month to 30,363 vehicles.

Sales of BMW brand vehicles decreased 18.2 percent in November for a total of 26,189 compared to 32,003 vehicles sold in November, 2015.  Year-to-date, the BMW brand is down 10.0 percent in the U.S. on sales of 280,339 vehicles compared to 311,398 sold in the first eleven months of 2015. Notable vehicle sales in November include the BMW 7 Series which increased 18.0 percent to 1,233 cars, the BMW X1 which increased 53.2 percent to 2,745 vehicles, and the BMW X5 which increased 18.4 percent to 4,693 vehicles.

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Lexus’ sales slipped 1 percent to 29,050 vehicles. In November, Audi’s sales were up a total of 2.5 percent versus a year ago with 17,118 units.

Year-to-date, Mercedes U.S. sales slipped 0.2 percent to 308,226 vehicles. Lexus deliveries declined 4.3 percent to 290,046 and BMW’s dropped 10 percent to 280,339. Audi as year-to-date sales have jumped 2.9 percent to 187,018, “despite a tightening of the premium market,” Audi said in a statement.

With only one month to go, Mercedes leads Lexus in the U.S. by more than 18,000 deliveries and BMW by about 28,000. A Mercedes victory for the year would recapture the crown BMW claimed in the country in 2015 and 2014. The two automakers have held the top spot in U.S. premium sales since 2011, when BMW ended Lexus’s 11-year reign.

[Source: Bloomberg]

64 responses to “Mercedes-Benz still ahead in the U.S. luxury race”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    bmw will be ahead when the new 3 series comes out

  2. Arunabh says:

    BMW itself is responsible for this fiasco.

    Brand identity crisis, not growing fast enough to keep nose ahead, relinquishing the advantages that brand carries, and absolute rigidness to bring reforms: that BMW of 2016 for you.

    I once read an article where a top BMW honcho was insisting that they want to consolidate BMW’s position in upper segments of business as they bring more profit per vehicle. I was extremely amused with that statement after seeing new 7 series in flesh, inside and out. They aren’t serious with that statement.

    They want to win the war with knives which is actually supposed to be fought with canons. a couple more years older S class already has 7 series’s number. It is selling 3 units for every 7 series in USA (probably higher when global sales combined)

    i dont see the new 5 series changing the newly established order significantly.

    Mercedes aren’t going to break into sweat any time soon. I am afraid that this is going to be the new sales chart order and it is here to stay.

    • Senne says:

      5 Series has always been a better seller than the E Class. So there’s nothing to change: the 5 Series will still be best in class like just as it has always been and always will be. Period.

      • Arunabh says:

        i request you to take a look of sales figures.

        yes, traditionally 5 series always posted better numbers but it isnt the case for past year or so.

        Even 3 class is trounced by C class (or for that matter A4 in some markets).

        To be honest, sales doesn’t always reflect the true measure of any vehicle’s competency. A camry or corolla has always set the sales chart on fire but its competition is more competent.

        But in this case, its a fist fight between equals. Both these marques are capable of throwing the other into oblivion for slightest of lapses.

        My point here is that BMW perhaps should have understood the moderns times better. (And it is strictly my personal opinion)

        • Arunabh says:

          *3 series

        • Senne says:

          You have a point about how equal they are, BMW and Mercedes. And perhaps time has come after 10 years of reign that Mercedes will sell more cars again than BMW. But just as you said, sales figures don’t always tell the whole story.

        • Matt Stokes says:

          ” Both these marques are capable of throwing the other into oblivion for slightest of lapses.” That’s a bit dramatic isn’t it? :D

          Anyhow, if you look at the YTD numbers you can see that the B, CLA, C, E, CLS, S, SL, SLC, GLA and GLE are all DOWN on last year, the only way Mercedes can quote a positive % increase for 2016 so far over 2015 is by including the Van sales, at this stage they are down by 0.2% on car sales.

          I respect your strictly personal opinion, but to me this doesn’t look like MB have “understood the modern times” much better?

          • Arunabh says:

            US automotive market was under crisis for better part of year. i am assuming that it has impacted the entire market. Everyone must have felt the same heat at the same time.

            By the way, can you share the percentage drop in YTD figures of BMW and MB? It will give us a better understanding as to which manufacturer between the 2 withered the storm better.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            BMW’s drop is 10% on BMW Brand sales, so it is a much larger drop than the 0.2% Mercedes are suffering.

            I don’t have time at the moment to present all the data, but if you wanted to check the percentages for the models they are in the sales releases (go to manufacturer press sites, not news syndicates).

            There are big drops for BMW in the traditional 3 & 5 series segments. The 3/4 still comfortably outsells the C-Class, even though 3/4 sales have dropped a significant 28.6/20.6% this year. C-Class is only down 11.7%.. so even with a bigger % drop BMW are still leading here.

            In the 5/6 vs E/CLS segment, Mercedes are well ahead in sales, and only saw an 8.5% drop in 2016. The BMW 5 series has dropped by over 25%.

            In both these cases, it’s probably a combination of a down turn as you say, and also BMW’s products being older and the normal drop off at the end of the lifecyle – especially in case of the 5-er.

            This is demonstrated by the trend in the top segment, 7-er vs. S-class. The 7-er is up by 44.6%, the S-Class is down by 12.7%. The S is clearly the segment leader in the US, but it’s sales are now dropping, whereas the newer product sales are on the up.

            If I had more time I’d check out the SUV’s too, maybe later.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      mercedes include sprinter vans and trucks in there sales. BMW is better than shitty merc taxis 5 series slaps the ugly e class. there is no Brand identity crisis its just you being a faggot that knows nothing about BMW.

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        You snap way too easily man, you gotta calm down, take a deep breath before posting a comment. And don’t feed the troll.

      • Arunabh says:

        My friend !!

        I only wish that you had more facts to speak about and you have been taught some etiquette at the right time of your age. Perhaps its too late, now.

      • Autopal says:

        Incorrect, Mercedes sprinter vans sales are not included in these numbers, since they are not considered luxury vehicles. Don’t make up your own facts, go check the record before you post

        • Babken Hakobyan says:

          These BMW fans are so blind and ignorant.

          • Dailybimmer says:

            Get the facts straight. Fans of other car brands sounds more blind and ignorant. See your self.

          • Babken Hakobyan says:

            You confirmed my point once again. Your article refers to the US sales of November 2015. It’s time to get smart, BMW fanboy.

          • Icebreakerr says:

            mercedes fanboys are delusional ignorant pathetic fanboys why are you even on this website if you dont like BMW? pathetic car hater

          • Babken Hakobyan says:

            First of all, I’m not a Mercedes-Benz fanboy (you’ve proven once again the fact that BMW lovers are empty heads and stupid, since they can’t even understand what they read). I’m just interested in automobiles, and opinions that BMW is the best makes me write a relevant response, since BMW isn’t the best at anything.
            Second, I can visit this blog and write my opinion as other people do.
            Third, it’s you who is pathetic.

          • Icebreakerr says:

            yes you are. youre a car hater

  3. Babken Hakobyan says:

    And Mercedes will always stay ahead, since BMW is just a weak alternative.

  4. JohnS1000RR says:

    BMW is always lagging behind with new models. That is the main reason for this.

  5. Dailybimmer says:

    Mercedes sells approximately 2000 Sprinters each month in the US which are listed among their car sales.

    • Autopal says:

      Incorrect, Mercedes sprinter van sales are not included in these numbers

    • Babken Hakobyan says:

      My friend, you’re completely ignorant and you don’t have a slight understanding in sales. Sprinter vans sales figures aren’t included in comparative sales.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      The confusion probably arises because of Mercedes lack of transparency in their figures. The Commercial vehicles derived V-Class is likely included in the numbers though.

      • Autopal says:

        There’s no confusion or lack of transparency, Mercedes, just like BMW, Audi and Lexus, releases detailed breakdown of sales each month, and it does NOT include commercial vehicles.

        • Matt Stokes says:

          The confusion, and lack of transparency I was referring to relates to the Global sales breakdowns, which are not as ‘detailed’ as those from MBUSA and do include the V-class in passenger vehicle sales. It’s not unreasonable to question if this practice occurs in the figures quoted by the article, especially as the Bloomberg article offers no details, and I’ve seen many posts where the inclusion of the V-class causes contention, hence why I suggested it might be due to this model, rather than the Sprinter.

          If the complete table (which does also include a total for Vans and the Smart Brand) was posted instead of the Bloomberg article (or the cropped image from Autospies) it may be clearer for everyone.

          • Dailybimmer says:

            Keep up your great work.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            Just trying to keep the discussion reasonable. Too many acidic fanboys of other brands ruining the ‘blog these days.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Everyone has an opinion these days :)

          • Autopal says:

            Horatiu, everyone is indeed entitled to his or her own opinion, what bothers me, is when people make their own facts, in an attempt to support whatever position they are expounding. BMW is a strong, powerful and profitable company that will continue to sell hundreds of thousands of cars each year, but it is a FACT that Mercedes is comfortably leading the sales race this year, both globally, and in the USA, so there is no need for all the spin doctors to try to suggest otherwise

          • Horatiu B. says:

            I fully agree. Truth is that both companies are extremely successful and will continue to be in the future as well. The sales cycle will continue as well, with the 3 – BMW, Lexus, Mercedes – taking turns at the top spot.

          • Babken Hakobyan says:

            Yes, but in the end there will be:
            1. Mercedes-Benz;
            2. Just the others.

            That’s how it always was, and that’s how it will always be.

          • Babken Hakobyan says:

            Try to look at the world without your photo camera, dreamer. Here are the 2 articles, which I’d advise you to read and get smart, BMW fanboy.
            In case you don’t understand the sales figures (probably that’s the case), let me make the following conclusion for you:
            Mercedes-Benz has sold 308,226 vehicles 2016 YTD (note that this number doesn’t include any vans), while BMW has only managed 280,339 vehicles. That’s a very serious advantage, don’t you think so, loser? Though BMW loser fanboys will always have some excuse to tell in order to justify their humiliation.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Last warning. You can present facts but don’t call names. I will block you.

          • Babken Hakobyan says:

            Then why won’t you block “Icebreakerr” for example? He writes rude comments (he an be allowed, since he’s a BMW fan, right?). You’re making a rude mistake as a blog owner, i.e. you’re not objective.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            Why? I like my camera :D and I like dreaming :D. I dream of a world where people are capable of critical thinking, manners and respect, all at the same time… might be a tough concept for some to understand though.

            There is also no need to post articles from third party news sites, the data is available to the public via the Daimler press site, if you want to contribute something useful, at the very least, do that.

  6. Autopal says:
    In the 11 months through November, Mercedes U.S. sales slipped 0.2 percent to 308,226 vehicles. Lexus deliveries declined 4.3 percent to 290,046 and BMW’s dropped 10 percent to 280,339. The tallies exclude Daimler’s Smart cars and Mercedes work vans, as well as BMW’s Mini line, because they aren’t luxury models.

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