The BMW E30 3 Series range has one of the biggest cult followings out of all the BMW models ever made. The series that gave birth to the legendary E30 M3 and the M3 nameplate altogether, deserves a special place in the hearts of thousand of car fans. And it can get even dramatically better with just a couple of well-placed upgrades and that’s part of what makes it magic.

A lot of people love the E30 generation because of its chassis. It brought together all the elements that made BMW the car-enthusiast brand it is today, from a short wheelbase to a lightweight construction and a proper rear-wheel drive layout. The car we’re looking at here has it all and a bit more on top, to keep up with today’s trends. And what trend influences our life more than forced induction?

Turbo E30

This BMW E30 325i has a turbocharged on it, coming from a diesel engine. The rest of the 2.5-liter mill under the hood is intact, an impressive feat altogether considering BMW didn’t make it so that it can withstand forced induction. That’s actually one of the reasons why the E30 models and their engines were and still are so loved. You can upgrade them in a lot of ways without having to worry too much.

The suspension of this car was also changed along with a new transmission to keep up with the power output. In the end, the figure according to the car’s owner is about 250 HP at the wheels on a dyno, less if you’re using a Mustang dyno. With a drivetrain loss of about 15% that adds up to about 287 HP, nearly 120 HP more than when the car was stock and brand new.

However, as the guys from Roads Untraveled will tell you in a moment, this BMW E30 3 Series is not just the sum of its parts. It has character and a willingness to show you what driving is all about. Check it out!