Currently, one of the largest problems with the electric cars is the ability (or lack thereof) to charge them quickly. EV range is increasing, giving them ranges more than capable of the daily drive. However, if you do need to stop off and charge somewhere, you better have about an hour or so. That’s because that’s around the average time it takes to fully charge most EVs from a fast charging station (some charge faster, some slower).

EV charging bmw 750x500

That’s why most charging stations are sort of built into rest stops or places where there are things to do, such as shopping malls. So BMW, as well as Daimler and Volkswagen, will be working with Tank & Rast, a German Autobahn service station operator, to help develop more EV charging stations along the Autobahn.

By the end of 2017, Tank & Rast wants to install fast-charging stations into about 400 of its service stations. According to the National Electric Mobility, more than 7,100 fast-charging stations need to be made by 2020. This should help all three brands who plan on significantly increasing their EV model lineups.

[Source: AutoNews]