The BMW M8 is the BMW supercar that wasn’t. It’s a car that has barely seen the light of day, instead it spends its time locked away. Only one was made and it was only myth until a few years ago. Based on the original BMW 8 Series, the M8 packed a V12 engine, a six-speed manual, crazy body work and a hardcore, stripped out interior. It was a monster that all BMW fans wanted and none actually got. However, now that BMW is bringing the 8 Series back, will we finally get the M8 we’ve always wanted?

We’ve recently seen some spy photos of a BMW 8 Series Coupe hitting the highway. We also know that it will be a big grand tourer designed to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. So it will likely come with a big twin-turbo V8, a 7 Series-style interior and extreme luxury technology. However, we don’t know for sure if BMW will be developing an M-variant of the future 8 Series.


It’s more likely that BMW will be developing an M Performance variant of the 8 Series, possibly a BMW M860i, similar to the M760i currently in production. But, we’ve heard that BMW is considering the possibility of a proper BMW M8, fully developed by the M Division. It could make sense because the only reason BMW didn’t make an M8 prior was that the brass at BMW M felt that the 8 Series was too big, too heavy and not in keeping with the M Division’s way of doing things. But with massive M-developed SUVs, an 8 Series would no longer be out of the question.

If a future BMW M8 were to exist, it would likely be powered by some variant of the brand’s 6.0 liter twin-turbocharged V12, hopefully with more power than the M760i. It would also likely only have xDrive all-wheel drive to handle the power and would have to come with the brand’s eight-speed automatic gearbox, as the DCT likely can’t handle the V12’s torque. So it wouldn’t be exactly like the M8 supercar that wasn’t back in the late ’90s, but it would be close. So could we finally see the mighty BMW M8 we’ve always wanted.