While some manufacturers are struggling to bring out cars that can reach a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph), BMW is apparently making cars that can top that speed on two wheels. In a video published this week, the Guinness World Record organization announced that a new world record for the fastest side wheelie in the world was achieved at the end of August, featuring a BMW E92 330d.

Let that sink in for a second – a diesel car with a 3-liter straight six engine from Bavaria managed to set a new world record, on two wheels. The feat was achieved on an airport runway in Seinäjoki, Finland on August 31st. The man behind the wheel is Finnish and he’s been driving cars since he was six years old.

Fastest-side-wheelie-driver-next-to-car_tcm25-448207Vesa Kivimäki is a stunt driver and he’s been doing wheelies for quite some time now, deciding eventually to go for the world record. The 41-year old joined forces with Nokian Tyres in this endeavor, managing to break the old record that was untouched for 19 years, set at 181.25 km/h (112.62 mph). Vesa’s run recorded an average speed of 186.269 km/h (115.742 mph) over a set distance of 100 meters (328 ft).

Even though it wasn’t mentioned in the video, the car was fitted with some safety features, to make sure Kivimäki makes it out alive if something goes wrong. That includes a roll cage, special seats and a six-point harness for the driver while the rear differential had to be welded for rather obvious reasons.