Does anyone else wish this was a full feature-length movie? It looks flipping great. But I digress. BMW has now released a second trailer for its upcoming BMW Films short film “The Escape“. We’ve seen the first trailer already and some behind the scenes stuff, but one thing that was missing from all that we had seen was the star of the film — the BMW.

The Bavarians had been keeping the car featured in the film under wraps. We didn’t know why for sure, but we had a pretty good idea. It turns out we were right and it was because the car in question was the new BMW 5 Series. Admittedly, we originally thought it would be the new BMW M550i, but it is actually the new BMW 540i M Sport. That’s really no worse, as we learned yesterday that the 540i is capable of 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.


In the video, we see that Mr. Owen is going to get into some serious trouble with his new 5er. With Dakota Fanning in tow in the back seat, they’re being chased by baddies in Hummers, helicopters and armored trucks. All of said baddies have big guns.

We’re super excited to see the final video and watch the new 540i get whipped around. We also know that our buddy Matt Mullins did the stunt driving, even doubling for Clive Owen, so we’re gonna see some great stunt work.