Photos of the new BMW 5 Series released yesterday have shown the car fitted with LED headlamps, a standard feature now on all the 5 Series models.

Furthermore, the US-bound models will be fitted with the Adaptive LED headlamps which will remain an option in other markets. That marks the death of xenon and halogen headlamps, at least on the BMW 5 Series. No mention of laser lights for now, which might be saved for the future BMW M5.


Other standard features for US cars will include 16-way adjustable seats, dual-zone climate control, ambiance lighting (11 lighting effects and 6 color choice, with individual brightness controls) and Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC). This last feature is a premiere for the brand and industry, offering you the chance to maintain speeds between 19-130 mph while also automatically adapting to speed limits. That’s something this one editor has been waiting for quite a long time.

As far as optional features go, you need to get yourself prepared for the plethora of technology features you’ll be able to get. From wireless Apple Car Play (a premiere for the industry) to the new iDrive 6.0 infotainment system, everything’s on the table. The new optional Adaptive Drive System combines Dynamic Damper Control (DDC) stands out the most though, especially for those that will be doing spirited driving. That’s because now it features electromechanical active roll stabilization instead of the old hydraulic system. Therefore, the new system is faster, more precise and lighter than before.