The BMW M4 GTS is truly a rare sight. With only 700 units available worldwide, getting to see one on the street or track is truly a special occasion. Getting to see two of them during the same event and even going up against each other, is even better. That’s what happened at a recent Cars & Coffee event in the Netherlands where two of these rare beauties not only showed up but also drag raced some of their rivals.

Since the rivalry between the Motorsport division of BMW and Mercedes’ own AMG crew is fierce at the moment, the M4 GTS models had to go up against a C63 AMG and an AMG GT S. On top of that, representing the U.S., a C7 Corvette also jumped at the chance to take a bite out of the special BMW M4 model.


On the other hand, the video below also shows some in-house rivalry going on. Apart from the two BMW M4 GTS models going against each other, there’s also a BMW F10 M5 thrown in the mix, for good measure. And while 560 HP and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft) might seem like too much to go up against for the 500 HP and 600 Nm of the M4 GTS, we need to take the weight factor into consideration which obviously plays an important role in straight line.

The footage below should offer potential buyers a good idea of how well the BMW M4 GTS handles drag races in real life, on top of track performance. Sure, the figures are impressive on paper but you can get drastically different results in real life, as a host of factors contribute to rain on your parade, wet roads being one of the biggest threats for a RWD car like this. Unfortunately, most of the 700 units scheduled for production have already been accounted for so if you’re drooling over an M4 GTS, you’ll probably have more chances of getting one on the second hand market than brand new.