WORLD PREMIERE: BMW X2 Concept debuts in Paris

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The BMW X2 Concept finally makes its debut and it’s more impressive than we thought it would be.

At this year’s 2016 Paris Motor Show, BMW adds another coupe-like crossover to its already impressive stable. Well, a concept of another coupe-like crossover, at least. The BMW X2 Concept finally makes its debut and it’s more impressive than we thought it would be.

With the X2, BMW really wanted to combine sporty design and dynamics with practicality for active lifestyles, more so than in any other coupe-like crossover so far. “The BMW Concept X2 combines the fast-moving body language and low-slung proportions of a coupe with the robust construction of an X model. This is a sporty vehicle with a bold character, and it allows us to open up some fascinating new design possibilities for the BMW brand,” according to Karim Habib, Head of BMW Design.

BMW Concept X2 1 750x563 BMW Concept X2 2 750x563 BMW-Concept-X2-4

This isn’t the first coupe SUV in BMW’s history but we think it’s the best looking one yet. In our opinion, the BMW X2 is a fantastic looking concept and looks far better than the X4 and X6. Though this is just a concept, it’s dripping with awesome little touches that give it character. The “X”s in the headlights and the roundels on the C-pillars, which harkens back to classics like the 3.0 CSL, are especially cool little details.


But the main design is also particular attractive. The roofline is sporty and aggressive, the front overhang is short, the signature kidney grilles are upright and massive and the headlights are narrow and angry. I love the massive air intakes in the front end and the pseudo rear diffuser. It’s the sportiest looking SUV BMW’s shown thus far, making the X4 look downright frumpy.

The BMW X2 will be built on the same UKL architecture that underpins the BMW X1 and MINI Clubman. Yes, this means it will be front-wheel drive-based. However, xDrive all-wheel drive is available and, if it does make it to the US, will only be all-wheel drive here in the ‘States. It should drive a lot like the X1 due to their similar underpinnings, however, BMW is claiming it to be sportier. If it drives like a sportier BMW X1, we’ll be very happy.


Powertrain options should include the typical suite of BMW four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, possibly even BMW’s 1.5 liter turbo three-pot. However, if it comes to the US, the new B48 four-cylinder petrol will likely be the only engine. All engines will be mated to an eight-speed Aisin automatic gearbox, but a six-speed manual could be available in European markets. We don’t know what sort of power, performance or efficient figures yet, but expect them to be similar to the X1, if not identical.


We think the BMW X2 Concept looks damn good and are excited to see what it becomes when production starts next year. We’re also not use by the fact that it will be UKL-based, as the X1 and MINI Clubman have both proven it to be a great chassis for fun dynamics.

41 responses to “WORLD PREMIERE: BMW X2 Concept debuts in Paris”

  1. Joseph Trader says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see how different production version looks.

    • Madalin says:

      Joseph, remember how nice was the X4 Concept? The production version doesn’t have the outstanding details from the Concept that makes you… WoW!
      It’s gonna be the same with this X2…it makes you WoW at the concept, and the production version will make you..bleah…

    • Giom says:

      To be fair, these concepts looks just like that, concepts. To me, the production versions – even tho they are toned down, looks much better.

  2. Madalin says:

    Duuuude! WTF? Did they turn upside down the “kidney grills” and the “shark fin” front side – back side? Really? New design?

  3. Madalin says:

    And by the way, the presenter said that the car will be available early 2018? Oh man…

  4. John says:

    It’s hideous. Just like the first 1-series hatchback that looked like an Angry Birds character.

  5. Giom says:

    Tho it’s not a brand new shape, it’s new to BMW and it looks great!

  6. John says:

    Was the designer inspired by a pig?

  7. Kaisuke971 says:

    The 1 Series sedan and X4 concepts actually looked a lot like the production versions, and even if this X2 Concept looks good, it seems a bit far from what BMW would sell. That said, it’s in a segment where style is king, so this could be BMW’s fashion leader with these bold lines and i hope great personalisation.

    It’s nice to see that they wanna make the regular and SUV coupe versions further apart design-wise. Hope they’ll continue with the X4 and the X6, so that they are more than a less practical version of the X3 and X5.

  8. Johan Mo says:

    Wow great design! I hope we’ll see some of the same lines on the i5.

  9. heat_fan1 says:

    I don’t really get it. The profile appears to be not very different from the X1. It certainly doesn’t have the “coupe-like” profile of the X4 or X6. The X4 Concept is pretty close to the production car. I’m not really seeing anything resembling a production car here. Sure, it’s more aggressive than the X1, but do you really need two almost-identically shaped cars with different bodies? Curious.

    No me gusta.

  10. Pevvex says:

    Have enough of this BMW concepts.
    They blind u with concept then real car is ugly but u still remember nice looking concept. Marketing lies where BMW are the masters.

    • TheBingoBalls says:

      Like every other manufacturer and their concepts? Concepts models are largely just that, concepts and the final production model are always toned down and aligned more to the manufacturers design philosophy. The shape may closely follow the concept but the details are likely to change.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      Children today don’t seem to understand the point of concept cars.

  11. SF Dede says:

    This I like!

  12. dan0709 says:

    Personally I think it looks ridiculous. I don’t really see the coupe-like roof. The front is okay-ish.. So the production model will be bland, at best. And did they put a f#%ing bmw emblem on the side of the car?! From the side, it looks like some Hyundai to me, really. I know it’s a concept but what’s up with the fin on the roof? Is it turned the other way??

  13. Griffin says:

    Looks like a cow…

  14. Hsu Jess says:

    Me personally think that the body looks good, but the facelift is ugly. If the car comes to production version, it would be more than disappointed then..

  15. milky_cereal says:

    This looks great! I hope that they can maintain a lot of the same lines, because I think this will be a great seller.

  16. Icebreakerr says:

    looks fantastic

  17. FoggyAgave says:

    Ready for production:
    • Aggressive tech headlights – hope they’re laser
    • Matching aggressive taillights – probably won’t pass legal
    • Brushed aluminum grill and window trim – Retro 70’s roots
    • Hoff kink detail – Very CSL
    • Body lines – nice flame shapes, hood contours, rear deck
    • Front center air dam – nice materials interaction and details

    Not so ready:
    • X2 – The 2 Series – let’s make the 1 series a bit bigger – I mean a van, I mean a truck
    • Massive grill – “Not your Father’s Buick”
    • Front side air intakes – not the best feature of the M2 – now whale balleen big
    • Gray-silver paint wheel arches, lowers and rear – try brushed aluminum
    • Lower rear diffuser – designer out of time – must sleep
    • Enormous eye-level exhaust portholes – rookie mistake

    More coffee ^^

    Go Kimi !!!

  18. CDspeed says:

    Looks like a cheap American concept car from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. The current X1 looks great, this looks like…….🐷

  19. kokosz says:

    frankly, the only thing that i like is BMW’s logo on the roof it really appeals to me

  20. raleedy says:

    From here it,s a BUICK

  21. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    Ohhhhh nice.

  22. jason bourne says:

    Not impressed at all… Glad it’s only a concept.

  23. Blake says:

    This thing is attrocious. This is what they have been working on? The brand is done!

  24. herrdoktorprofessor says:

    They must have hired all of the mazda designers

  25. loukas135 says:

    Promising but a shame it is based on a FWD Mini Platform … BMW HAS to get back to RWD platform and FAST !!! I didn’t pull the trigger for a F48 X1 last summer after an accident that left my original 2012 E84 X1 totalled. I was able to get a brand new E84 2015 X1 with M Sport pkg and I’m so glad I did. After driving the F48 a couple times, the RWD E84 platform is so much more planted … This X2 should be sportier than the X1 so I would guess sportier would go along with a RWD platform but it isn’t and it is a shame.

  26. ASAutoParts says:

    This Concept BMW X2 should come to life soon because this revolutionary new look in the X range of BMW makes it more beautiful and stunning. Overall it would be the best Crossover in the BMW SUV range.

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