This one is for you. Following the big debut of the BMW X2 Concept, we did a photo comparison between it and its main competitor, the Audi Q2. But many of you kind readers wanted to see the new X2 Concept compared with the Range Rover Evoque. And because we’re generous people, we decided to do just that. You’re welcome.

What’s impressive, looking at these two cars side-by-side, is that the Evoque is considerably older than the X2, yet it looks just as fresh. That’s a testament to just how good looking the Evoque is and how well it’s been designed.

The BMW X2 is definitely the smoother and more fluid looking of the two. The Evoque has a lot of lines, creases and funky shapes. The design of the Evoque is certainly a unique looking car. From the front, it’s tough to pic a favorite. They’re both very good looking, but I think I’m personally leaning toward the Evoque. It’s just the prettier looking front end, as it’s more sorted and has a sort of bulldog-like underbite. The X2 has cool headlights and big nostril-like kidney grilles, but it’s a bit too cartoonish in concept form at the moment.


In profile, though, I think the BMW X2 is the prettier car. It’s just very fluid, very graceful. I’ve used those adjectives for the X2 before but those are the words that come to mind when I look at it. It looks lower, leaner and sportier, whereas the Evoque looks sort of bloated in profile. We know that the X2 won’t look exactly like this when it finally makes production, but it just looks so damn good we wish it would. As is, this is the best looking SUV in BMW’s stable.

Out back, the Evoque might be the only SUV that’s actually worse looking than the X2 Concept. Typical for a concept, the X2 doesn’t have a perfectly formed rear end. It needs to do some squats before it can make production. However, the Evoque just looks weird. The rear window looks like a bunker window and taillights are too squinty. It’s just a bit strange. Not bad, just odd and the X2 looks prettier.


Overall, it’s impressive how modern and fresh the Evoque still looks. The X2 is still just a concept, so it’s as new and fresh as it gets, yet the Evoque still looks just as new. That’s an extreme compliment to Land Rover. However, I still think the BMW X2 Concept is the better looking car. It’s close, but the X2 is the smoother, prettier car of the two.