Paris 2016: BMW X2 Concept LIVE PHOTOS

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In Paris today, BMW stunned the world with another exciting concept. The BMW Concept X2 is the precursor of the future X2 SAV which – according to BMW – will be launched in early 2018. The BMW X2 will be built on the same UKL architecture that underpins the BMW X1 and MINI Clubman. Yes, this means it will be front-wheel drive-based. However, xDrive all-wheel drive is available and, if it does make it to the US, will only be all-wheel drive here in the ‘States. It should drive a lot like the X1 due to their similar underpinnings, however, BMW is claiming it to be sportier.

Though this is just a concept, it’s dripping with awesome little touches that give it character. The “X”s in the headlights and the roundels on the C-pillars, which harkens back to classics like the 3.0 CSL, are especially cool little details. The roofline is sporty and aggressive, the front overhang is short, the signature kidney grilles are upright and massive and the headlights are narrow and angry. The massive air intakes in the front end and the pseudo rear diffuser are typical for a concept car, but they won’t likely show up on the production model.

BMW X2 Concept 2016 Paris Live Fotos 10 750x497
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Without a doubt, this is the sportiest looking SUV BMW’s shown thus far and with the right price point, it could become a mass seller for BMW.

Powertrain options should include the typical suite of BMW four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, possibly even BMW’s 1.5 liter turbo three-pot. However, if it comes to the US, the new B48 four-cylinder petrol will likely be the only engine. All engines will be mated to an eight-speed Aisin automatic gearbox, but a six-speed manual could be available in European markets.

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BMW will likely tell us more in 2017, but for now, enjoy these live photos from Paris.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]

15 responses to “Paris 2016: BMW X2 Concept LIVE PHOTOS”

  1. WiscoNative says:

    LOVE the roundels in the C pillars, but the exhaust setup, and generally the whole front end, just look weird. Why does it need jowls?

  2. Muchachas says:

    I would rather take a 1980 Tatra than this crap made by a crap brand bmw.

  3. Fritz says:

    This reminds me of the 2013 (orange) Active Tourer Concept. In the sense that the production car was a severely skimmed down version. In this case I’m not sure that it will be a bad thing.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      The concept and the actual car look a LOT alike tho. I’d say that the production version is more like a cheaper version of the concept, but there is no shocking difference imo (besides maybe the exhaust).

      • Fritz says:

        The 2013 Concept looked more ‘premium’ in my opinion. It had some very nice (small) details. I think it (probably) would have caught less criticism if that had been the production car.

        ‘Cheaper’ is the right indeed, but I still think it’s a decent looking car for an MPV. (especially the Gran Tourer)

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