The German and Italian firms have joined forces to bring a BMW Motorrad version of Alpinestars’ Tech-Air to Beemer enthusiasts. The technology allows riders to benefit from significantly more upper body protection, both when riding on road or off.

For the system, which is integrated into the jacket via a liner vest, to function there are no motorcycle mounted sensors, which means that riders can ride one bike in the morning and another in the evening without compromising on safety, or having to waste time adapting multiple bikes to the tech. The system itself makes use of an algorithm to help ascertain if danger is imminent. If it determines danger to be imminent, it deploys a full upper body airbag in advance of collision. That means that the chest, kidneys, back and shoulders, which are often the most vulnerable areas in a collision, are far more protected.

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This new jacket is the first product resulting from an exclusive agreement between the two firms. This particular product will be available in October, and will be for both male and female riders.

Much has gone into the development of the technology, which Alpinestars began to create in 2001. Instances of accidental airbag inflation have been observed over this time. However, they have very little effect on the motorcycle operators comfort, and pose an insignificant risk to the riders physical safety or his or her ability to continue riding.

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Both companies have exhibited a commitment to active and passive safety over the decades, and the pairing of the premium brands appears seamless. For those of us whom are fans of the two brands independently, this comes as great news, as we now needn’t choose between the two when it comes to accessories like riding jackets. Let us hope that their collaboration extends far beyond this, however, resulting in a full line of co-developed BMW Motorrad gear with Italian design flair and cutting edge safety technologies.

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