Football may be the most popular sport in the US but other parts of the world, the game is played without helmets and pads, under a different name — rugby. Australia is one of the places where neither version of football – be it the US or European soccer version – are more popular than rugby. Therefore, BMW appealed to some well-known players from down under to promote its new BMW M2.

In the video below, four players from the rugby team Qantas Wallabies put the baby M to the test. Stephen Moore, the team captain, Scott Fardy team flanker, Tevita Kuridrani, center and Christian Lealiifano, fly half are the lucky ones that took part in this experiment. First, they tested the handling of the BMW M2 by going through a specially-created course, to see who can drive faster though a series of challenges.

Then, the true test came for them as rugby players. They had to get as many balls through the open window of the M2 while the car was drifting in front of them. Of course, the skill of the drivers behind the wheel also had a say in this challenge. Sure, they did a good job, but the guys still managed to get five balls in, which is not bad at all. Also interesting to see now would be a similar attempt done in the us with football players. Let’s see how good Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would be at throwing the pig skin inside a drifting BMW M2. Until then, rugby should do it.