Ken Block just released his latest Gymkhana video last week, featuring some really nice drifting action that was apparently recorded in the Land Down Under. Behind the wheel of his heavily tuned Ford Fiesta, the man delivered the performance we all expected but is he the only one that can show us a good time with the rear tires spinning maniacally? Apparently not as Rhys Millen is about do the same aboard a BMW M6.

Pennzoil launched a new film platform last year, showcasing two clips, known on the internet as Airlift Drift and Prequel. Those two were just prequels for what 2016 was going to bring. We’re talking about the clip posted below, shot using a BMW M6 with Millen behind the wheel, in the Canadian tundra. Called Joyride Tundra, the video showcases a Pennzoil Yellow 2016 BMW M6 doing the sort of things most of us will never get to experience.


Drifting on top of a frozen lake, mashing the throttle of a 560 HP beast and tearing through high banks of snow isn’t typically what you’d encounter during your daily commute. That’s probably why in just three days, the clip got over 11,000 views. Some of the credit might also go to the production team that did an absolutely incredible job.

And, before we let you enjoy the video, we should point out a little detail. A lot of people have been saying that BMW lost its way but if you look closely, the car used here is a manual BMW M6, a dying breed. That’s because, together with the current M5, these two models are the only ones in their respective segments that can still be had with a good old fashioned manual gearbox.