Owners that want a subtle tune for their BMW M6, turn away. This isn’t it. Tuned By Fostla – a German tuner that mostly does cool car wraps – the M6 Gran Coupe is far from the mild and subtle projects we’ve seen in the past.  It’s loud and it’s flashy, but, it somehow works. In the good old racing game type of way, it works.

First, the tuner installed a Prior Design body kit – PD6XX – which brings a set of wide fenders, carbon fiber lips, a rear decklid spoiler and diffusers,  all finished off with a matte grey vinyl wrap and decals. As we’ve seen in the past, the widebody kit suits the M6 well.

bmw 6 series gran coupe fostla tuning 14 750x499

Next on the list for the tuner were a new set of glossy blue aftermarket wheels. While the extravagant color fits the wheels well, they might be an overkill for the M6, but, for this build, they fall right into place. The wheels are sized 20 inches front and rear.

They come with a set of tires sized 245/30/20 and 295/30/20  front and rear, respectively. To get the vehicle closer to the ground and give it a better stance, the tuner installed a set of Pro-Kit lowering springs from Eibach. These shave 25 mm at the front and 20 mm off the rear, bringing some improved handling and driving dynamics, alongside improved looks.

bmw 6 series gran coupe fostla tuning 9 750x497

Finally, Fostla installed a modified BMW M6 exhaust system, alongside a performance chip-tune by PP-Performance. With this BMW M6, these increase the original power output of the M6 – 560 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque – to 570 PS (562 HP) and 785 Nm (579 lb-ft) of torque. The BMW M6 build is showcased in an gorgeous mountain-inspired photoshoot. You can check out the full media gallery right below.