The MINI Convertible JCW model was unveiled earlier this year, on American soil. Ever since that moment, journalists have been taking the small cabriolet out for test drives and praising its handling and sound. However, one Nurburgring photographer just published a video of what looks like a prototype model testing on the Green Hell, all covered up in camouflage for some reason.

Since the car has already been on the market for quite some time, this does raise some questions. Why would MINI still be out there testing it? One theory seems to indicate to the development of a special version of the Convertible model. MINI and its parent company BMW, are known for bringing out special versions of their cars, but they usually don’t involve in-depth testing sessions on the Nurburgring.


That being said, this could be a JCW Convertible with more power, bigger brakes and some suspension changes even though the car in the video below doesn’t seem all that different from the stock version. Either way, we’re pretty sure there’s a reason why this car was still testing in camouflage and why it was going so slow around the Green Hell.

Until the mystery is solved, you can still opt for a JCW Convertible, at least for a test drive. The supermini has 231 HP at its disposal and both a manual and automatic gearbox for your personal choice. We’d go for the manual as it’s definitely more fun than the self-changing version, even though it is marginally slower. After all, the MINI brand is all about fun, not necessarily about being the fastest.