The guys from CarWow had the brilliant idea of hosting what seems to be the world’s first automotive Olympic Games, putting four cars from four very different nations up against each other in a series of challenges that replicate the Olympic sports. So far we’ve seen the BMW M2 participating in the Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Reverse Drag Race events as well as the exhaust shot competition. This time, we’re here for the final venue – track and field.

The way the guys thought up this challenge is quite ingenious as well. The cars will get to accelerate as hard as possible over a short distance and then be knocked in neutral, to see which covers the longest distance. This will be quite similar in concept to the long jump and it will forget all about weight savings and efficiency as the biggest car will probably have the biggest advantage due to its greater momentum.


As usual, the contenders haven’t changed. The first one up is the Honda Civic Type-R, representing Japan. Due to its front-wheel drive setup, it does have some issues gaining traction and therefore speed in the small section of the track that allows it to do so. However, the narrow tires it comes with helped it cover 182 meters, a decent result nonetheless.

The BMW M2 had the advantage of rear-wheel drive and carried more speed but in the end, the wide tires it comes with pulled it back to just 180 meters. The Caterham was disadvantaged this time by its low weight and covered just 161 meters while the Jeep Grand Cherokee managed to go for 328 meters, setting a new record. In the end, the American won this event but overall, after receiving the results from the viewers’ votes for the rhythmic gymnastics event, the BMW M2 claims the overall victory with a total of five medals.