The popularity and glowing reviews the BMW M2 is enjoying these days will surely reflect in sales. Chip in the great performance the car brings and the low price you can have it at and you soon realize this will become a best seller for the German brand. That’s extraordinary news for tuners out there that will have a wider market than they could imagine.

The guys from Hamann have been in this business for far too long not to spot an opportunity when it arises. Therefore, they are currently hard at work trying to bring out new parts for the baby M. The product they are currently on is focused on changing the way this car sounds like, trying to figure out what to do in order to build a perfect exhaust system.

Alpine White BMW M2 Upgraded With Carbon Fiber Wheels

Apparently, they already have a rear muffler release candidate that they are testing out as they posted a video of a prototype Alpine White M2 out testing. The sound of the car also seems a bit changed but not by a lot. From what we can tell (and we could be mislead by the microphone used to record the footage) there’s a deeper growl here than what the standard car can boast with.

Either way, when Hamann will eventually release its tuning package for the M2 it will most likely include a full exhaust system in the mix as well as some aerodynamic parts, an engine tune and some new wheels. For the moment, the only Hamann parts you can get for your new M car are pedal covers, wheels, emblems and LED projectors that show the Hamann logo on the ground at night when opening the door.