Audi, the largest luxury brand in China, is slowing losing its lead in premium sales. As July sales rose for BMW and Mercedes, the gap between Audi and its German competitors is closing.

In July, Audi delivered 46,454 vehicles in the Chinese market, for a gain of 9.9 percent from a year earlier. The growth was led by crossovers and SUVs.  Combined sales of the Q3, Q5 and Q7 surged 21 percent year on year, showing again the appetite of Chinese customers for large crossovers.


Last month, BMW sales advanced 19 percent year on year to 40,200 vehicles while Mercedes deliveries surged 26 percent to 37,277 vehicles.

Year-to-date, Audi sales increased 6.5 percent to 335,580 vehicles, while BMW’s sales rose 8.5 percent to 287,753 vehicles, followed by Mercedes with 32 percent to 257,276 vehicles.

All three companies are preparing new models for the Chinese market. BMW has recently introduced the X1 long wheelbase and now the BMW 1 Series Sedan. Audi plans to launch the upgraded long-wheelbase A4 sedan in September and Mercedes will introduce the redesigned long-wheelbase E-class sedan this fall.

[Source: AutoNews]