The guys from Armytrix are known for their extreme exhaust systems. Some of their kits have been used on the loudest cars on this planet, of course excluding race cars. Since the BMW F10 M5 is known to have some issues in this department, going for one of these exhaust kits might seem like a good idea. But what if you’re after more than just a louder sound?

Every manufacturer of custom exhausts out there changed the way it does business today. Since most of these aftermarket choices usually also bring some smaller or bigger performance increases to the table, dyno sheets have become sort of mandatory. And for good reason, too, as the gains you’d get sometimes are bigger than you’d expect.

BMW F10 M5 With Vorsteiner Parts

For the F10 M5, Akrapovic, which is probably the most popular exhaust manufacturer today, promises a gain of about 10 HP and 17 Nm (12.5 lb-ft) on average. That’s decent, considering it comes just by changing your exhaust but others are claiming even better numbers. Armytrix, for example, claims that the car in the video below gained no less than 21 HP and 26 Nm (19.1 lb-ft) of torque, figures better than almost every other exhaust out there.

The thing is, these power increases are usually attained by reducing back pressure and increasing the air flow by using wider pipes. However, that usually makes the exhaust systems a bit illegal as they often don’t have catalytic converters anymore or if they do, they’re there just for show, not for some actual purpose they should be serving. Nevertheless, these results are impressive and we can’t say for sure if the Armytrix solution showed here is road legal or not. As for the sound, we’ll let you decided if it’s worthy of the M5 nameplate.