To properly celebrate Nelson Piquet Jr’s 31st birthday, BMW Classic invited Piquet Jr to the Timmelsjoch Alpine Road to test some of the best racing cars ever built by BMW.

BMW Classics and BMW Motorsport gave Piquet Jr some championship winning cars, including the car that his father drove to win the Formula 1 Championship, and the only one for BMW. From the BMW 635CSi, BMW 635CSi, BMW M1 Procar, McLaren BMW F1, Brabham BMW BT52 and FIA Formula E BMW i8 Safety Car 2.0, Piquet Jr had his hands full with some of the most amazing cars anyone can drive today.


The absolute highlight of the motorsport tour in the mountains was the Brabham-BMW BT52, driven by Nelson’s father in 1983 to win BMW’s single title in Formula 1. Just watching the video below, gives us an idea of how much different F1 cars were back in the day and the skills needed by the driver to not only keep them on the track, but also win races.


The series of video below are some of the best we’ve seen from BMW, on a scenic road with prestigious cars.