One of the best colors in the BMW paint palette is the Atlantis Blue – a unique shade of blue that makes any car stand out. Take for example this Atlantis Blue E92 M3 which gives the previous generation M3 a fresh look.

Now imagine the same color on the new F80 M3, a car with more grit, sportier angles and a meaner look. But the owner of this BMW F80 M3 decided his car needs more than just a gorgeous paint job so he decided to spice it up a bit more with some aftermarket parts.

Atlantis Blue BMW M4 Image 8 750x501

First of all, this Atlantis Blue BMW M3 comes with a set of HRE P101 wheels in 20 inches of size. The HRE P101 wheels are wrapped with Michelin PSS sticky tires – a perfect trackday addition for any M car. The wheels are accompanied by a KW Variant 3 suspension. The vehicle sits low and aggressive, adding to the M3’s overall performance.

Atlantis Blue BMW M4 Image 9 750x501

Additionally, the M3 seen here comes with a few aftermarket aerodynamics touches as well, from a 3D Design rear diffuser and an M Performance Parts carbon package, to the Status Gruppe 2×2 front lip and the set of IND painted side reflectors as well.

The MSRP for the BMW M3 of this generation is $65,445. With a few OEM additions, like the Atlantis Blue paint finish, and aftermarket carbon fiber parts, the price can easily creep to around $100,000. But to some owners, that’s exactly what they’re aiming for, a high-quality sports car like no one other on the street.

Atlantis Blue BMW M4