With the launch of the new MINI Convertible, the British brand basically complete its range for the time being. And yet that was not the highlight of the launch, instead people were focusing on what the new model brought to the table compared to its predecessor. They had a lot to take in, as BMW made sure the latest MINI offering brings forward all you can wish from a compact drop top.

That’s what the guys from Autoguide also found in their recent review of a MINI Convertible Cooper S, thoughts similar to our own, when we took the new drop top out for a test drive a while back. The thing is, no matter how expensive the car may seem like to some, it’s the only compact in its segment that has the complete package. The MINI is filled with technology and with a style that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

MINI Open 150 Convertible Edition-1

Apart from the premium materials, fit and finish, you also get almost every piece of technology you can want from a premium car of this assortment, leaving everything else in the dust. The 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged mill delivers strong torque throughout the range and even though the drop top has nearly 200 lbs more to carry than its hardtop brother, it will still deliver in terms of driving dynamic.

That being said, it’s hard to fault the Cooper S Convertible. Sure, it has little to no room in the boot and the rear passengers will have to be rather small to fit in but then again, this is the story with every single car in its segment so you can’t really blame it for that. The only drawback that remains is the price tag but if you want the best in the biz you must be willing to pay for it.