Five years ago, BMW launched what’s likely one of the best Automotive April Fools’ Day jokes – an M3 Pick-up Truck. Like every BMW M model, the BMW M3 Pickup has also demonstrated its dynamic potential on the North Loop of the Nürburgring, and surprisingly, it was well received by the BMW community. At the time, BMW bosses said an M pick-up truck is out of the question for the brand, but fast forward a few years later, and some BMW executives are refraining from completely ruling out a BMW ute.

Speaking to Australia’s Motoring, Australian Marketing Manager Marc Werner dropped a few hints that BMW is at least thinking of of a truck or ute. “Never say never,” Werner told Motoring. “We’re watching the space closely.”


According to Motoring, Werner’s statements are important considering they’re the opposite of what BMW Asia, Pacific, and South Africa boss Hendrik von Kuenheim said a year ago – that BMW is “definitely not” building a truck.

The competitors in Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz – are certainly not shying away from a premium truck. Mercedes have been making cabs, vans, trucks and even unimogs, and recently, the three-pointed star has announced that it will even make a pickup truck.


“It’s easier for Mercedes because they have commercial vehicles and trucks and vans,” Werner said. “We do not. And perhaps it’s easier for Audi. Just take the Amarok, why not?” Werner said. “Yes it’s harder for us but we’ll be watching how Benz goes.”

BMW is known to adapt to the market requirements, from their SUV lineup to front-wheel drive vehicles, the product lineup has evolved and adapted over time. In 2016, a BMW pickup sounds as crazy as a front-drive Bimmer did in 2006