Not long ago we were showing you the first Akrapovic exhaust prototype for a BMW M2 and things were sounding great. However, at that time, no additional details were available. Today, the Slovenian exhaust specialist unveiled its latest offering and the full specs of its aftermarket exhaust that’s made of titanium and is expected to bring a big improvement to the way the M2 sounds like.

The complete exhaust is supposed to add some performance gains as well, apart from the weight it saves by using titanium. According to Akrapovic, their readings showed that when fitted with their exhaust system, the BMW M2 gains 9 HP and 7.2 Nm (5.3 lb-ft) of torque. However, their dyno reading puts the BMW M2 in a rather interesting position.


The numbers published on Akrapovic’s website are rather incredible. According to them, the BMW M2’s N55 engine is making 393 HP and 412 Nm (304 lb-ft) of torque at the wheels, and something’s definitely not right here. Not only is the horsepower reading way too high at the wheels but the torque figure is just as shockingly low at the same time.

As for the exhaust system, it looks the part, as we’ve been getting used to from the Slovenian manufacturer. Now, you can also get a couple of add-ons for your car as well, as Akrapovic is offering a rear diffuser for the M2 which is available in matte or high gloss finish and is made of carbon fiber. The same material can be used for the exhaust tips to have a perfect match. The new exhaust is now available for orders but pricing wasn’t announced yet.