Today we live in a high-tech world that seems to be focused more on how much technology we can use rather than how we can use it. Being focused on bringing more and more features to the customers, companies tend to forget that all these new tidbits also must have a practical use in order to become popular. Furthermore, they have to be easy to use, in order to be welcomed with open arms by customers. That’s what the BMW i Smarthome experience is supposed to offer.

The BMW i3 is already a technological masterpiece. No matter what some may say about it, that it’s ugly or useless, what BMW achieved here is a premiere for the auto industry, creating a model that is almost completely eco friendly. Unlike other EVs out there, the i3 was developed from the ground up to save the environment and even the manufacturing process respects that goal, using renewable energy whenever possible.

Even the materials used inside are renewable to some extent. For example, the wood trims inside are made of eucalyptus, the fastest growing tree out there, to make sure we get our cake and eat it at the same time. However, leaving materials and production processes behind, the technology infused in the i3 is also aiming at making our life better.

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The car can be charged using a smart schedule, to make sure your electricity bill is not sky high. Furthermore, BMW can install a solar panel at your home, which can be used to replenish the batteries with 100% renewable energy. Then there’s the smartphone integration. The i3 was the first model in BMW’s portfolio that could be controlled remotely using a smartphone. Thanks to the ConnectedDrive app, you could check the battery charge status, the car’s windows, lights and even set a preferred temperature for your departure.

Now, that concept is evolving, reaching even your home. If you have what people call a ‘smart home’ you can control it with the BMW i Smarthome Experience. The android-based SmartThings app is also integrated in the BMW i3. This system allows installations like the heating in the Smart Home to be controlled while driving along, using the iDrive Controller and the Control Display. The driver can additionally check from the vehicle whether the windows and doors are closed or whether the alarm system has been activated. You can check out the features available in the video below.