BMW is hard at work these days testing the upcoming BMW G30 5 Series before making sure it’s ready to meet the public. In a recent video posted on Youtube, the future sedan is shown being driven hard around the Nurburgring, at one point even losing grip and drifting for a few moments.

The V8 sound coming from the exhaust pipes indicate that we’re looking at the future 550i model. Being still used aboard the new 7 Series, the N63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 will also be fitted on the top of the range 5er. The engine specs are unlikely to be changed as they weren’t fiddled with on the 7er either. That means that we’ll be looking at 450 HP and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque, plenty for a car that is supposed to drop significant weight.

2017 BMW 5 Series render 750x530

This will be possible thanks to the new Cluster Architecture (CLAR) used for the 5 Series’ underpinnings. Usage of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in its structure – just like on the new 7 Series – will make the new 5er a considerably lighter ordeal. Sources speak of a drop of at least 100 kg (221 lbs) on the end product.

Other engines included in the range will go from 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol and diesel mills to 3-liter ones on the upcoming 540i that will have 340 HP at its disposal. We’re also expecting a plug-in hybrid model in the shape of the 540e iPerformance that’s going to be using the same powertrain found inside the BMW xDrive40e model. Chances are a second PHEV might be in the cards, with a similar layout as on the 330e iPerformance model.

On the technology front, you can expect almost all the new tidbits brought forward by the flagship. From Remote Controlled Parking to all sorts of driving assistants and Gesture Control, the new iDrive5.0 system will be handling all of them. Expect the new G30 5 Series to be launched late this year.