This weekend, some of the previous MotoGP Safety Cars were displayed to BMW fans visiting the M Festival at Nurburgring. Following the tradition of the 1M or M5, the BMW M6 MotoGP Safety Car was the official safety car for the 2012 bike championship. Back in 2011, at the Nurburgring’s M Festival, BMW also showcased the 1M MotoGP, along with the F10 M5 Ring Taxi.

The BMW M6 Safety Car comes with a suite of carbon fiber parts, such as the front bumper lip, side mirrors and adjustable rear wing to provide the requisite downforce. Polycarbonate side and rear windows are included as well. Complementing the discreet spoiler lip on the boot lid there is now a rear wing.


Thanks to its Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium exhaust, the M6 Safety Car delivers increased acoustics, more power, and slightly less weight.


Here is a photo gallery from Nurburgring: