One of the great things about buying a new BMW is the Individual program. In a nutshell, BMW’s Individual program allows customers to pick certain special paint colors, trim options and other bits to help their BMW stand out from the crowd. Naturally, these options cost more money and can bring the price of the car up to pretty shocking levels. But for someone who wants their BMW M3 to stand out from the sea of other M3s on the road, it’s worth the extra cost. But one way to participate in this program and not break the bank is just to pick an Individual paint color.


We’ve seen some great Individual colors on BMW’s before, like this San Marino Blue M3. However, these three seemingly Skittles-colored BMWs at BMW Manhattan are really a sight to see.

There are two BMW M4s and one BMW M3, all equipped with the Competition Package, all option packages, full leather and DCT gearboxes. They also all have carbon fiber front splitters, mirror caps and rear diffusers, as well as BMW LED door projectors. The BMW M3 also comes with the M-Performance alcantara steering wheel. So all three cars are loaded with pretty much the same awesome options, making them all very similar. Except for their colors, obviously.


The two M4s are painted in Signal Green and Imola Red, while the M3 is wearing Speed Yellow. Each one of these colors will really help the car stand out, as they’re so different from any other M3 you’d see on the road.


The Signal Green is especially eye-catching, because when was the last time you saw a car painted in a green like that from the factory?


However, the Speed Yellow also looks really good with the contrast carbon fiber bits and the Style 666M wheels. The Imola Red is also really good looking and really evokes the performance of the car and looks similar to Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa. It’s hard to pick a favorite.


Regardless of favorites, these three cars represent just how different a customer can make their car from the sea of other BMWs roaming the streets. The BMW M3 and M4 are two of the more popular sports cars on the market, so if a customer wants to buy one and wants to make it look and feel special, the BMW Individual program is the way to go and these three Skittles BMW M cars are proof of that.

[Photos: Adrian Turek]