BMW’s latest in its famous line of high-octane, hardcore performance cars is the BMW M4 GTS. The GTS is a lightweight, stripped out and juiced up version of the BMW M4 that develops 493 hp and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. It has a roll cage that replaces the rear seats, manually-adjustable carbon fiber aerodynamics, lightweight sport seats and a stripped out titanium exhaust. However, despite all of the lunacy, the M4 GTS is technically a road car.

Road car by day, race car by night sort of thing. That’s the embodiment of the BMW M4 GTS. It’s a car that’s equally as at home lapping Hockenheim as it is traveling on a motorway. It’s also damn fun to drive and sounds better than any other BMW on the market. If you can call the M4 GTS on the market.

BMW wants to reinforce this idea, that the BMW M4 GTS is both a track car and a road car, a car that you can keep in your driveway, drive to the track, beat everyone there and then drive it home and park it back in your driveway. So it shows exactly that in this latest video.


This video shows a pro driver (so don’t try this stuff at home, kids) at the BMW M Performance Center West, in California, getting in to an M4 GTS and having a blast. On start-up, the M4 GTS sounds wicked. If an animal made this noise in the woods you’d run for your life. It’s incredible. Then the driver takes off and starts throwing it around the track with incredible speed and precision. Obviously, this is a promotional video, so it’s been edited and dramatized to make it look better, but it’s still flipping cool. Then he busts out some beautiful drifts, in one fluid shot that shows just how balanced and controllable the M4 GTS is.

After all of the driving and drifting at the track, the driver then takes it home and does a 180 degree turn into the driveway. This is to show that the BMW M4 GTS is still a car you can take home and use every day if you really wanted to but it will also demolish a track. While the video is obviously just a promo piece and not genuine footage, it’s still very cool to watch and can easily put a smile on the face of any car enthusiast. So check it out.