In the world of tuned BMWs there are a lot of older turbocharged models that post incredible results but going under 10 seconds on the 1/4 mile run. The story of how this particular BMW E36 328i model ended up doing 9 second runs on the drag strip is even more interesting than one could imagine.

The car is owned by a couple that share a passion for all things Bavarian. Testimony in this regard is their US-based company called “Brooklyn Motor Werkz” a clear throwback at how the BMW brand was perceived back when it was first introduced to the US market. Back then, the BMW acronym was thought to stand for British Motor Works, not Bavarian Motor Works, a bit of a stunner too, if you ask us.


The couple’s passion for BMWs is reflected in this aftermarket project. The original setup of their 1997 328i wasn’t enough for their adrenaline thirst to be quenched and therefore, they added an M3 engine under the hood, for more tuning potential. The S52 straight six engine was installed along with a 66 millimeter BorgWarner turbocharger.

Initially, the turbo and the new engine were the only changes done to the car, apart from the stripped out interior and roll cage. However, the transmission wasn’t able to keep up with the increase in power for too long so the car received a brand new Power Glide transmission, allowing it to dip close to the 9 second mark. Considering the matching T-Shirts of the husband and wife here, this is one project that keeps passion above anything else.